This article is about the specific ball type. For information on the first installment in the series, see here. For information on the Blasterball series as a whole, see here. For information on the powerup, see here.
Blasterball effect

A Blasterball from Blasterball 2: Revolution in action.

A Blasterball is a type of Ball in Blasterball 2: Revolution, Blasterball 2: Remix, Blasterball 2: Holidays, and Blasterball 3. A Blasterball is created when the player collects a Blasterball powerup. Any balls on the screen get turned into Blasterballs when this happens, making it one of the most powerful powerups in the series. Blasterballs get its name from the franchise title, Blasterball itself.


A Blasterball, unlike it's blue powered-down verison, is red and it's faster than a normal ball. It will completely destroy any blocks in its way, save for Hard Bricks, in which it will just rebound, like a normal ball. Blasterballs leave behind a red trail and are very shiny and sparkly. They are also known to be very, very hot.