Critters are one of the main enemies in Blasterball 2 RevolutionBlasterball 2 Holidays, and Blasterball 2 Remix. In Blasterball 3, they are called Enemies. They do not hurt the player directly but disrupt travel of the ball in various ways.

Types of CrittersEdit



Animated Gif of a drifter.

Drifters are the most common of them all. They do nothing but fly around. In fact, this is the official icon of Blasterball 2 Revolution.  In Blasterball 2 Holidays they're called Snowflakes.


Darters are similar to Drifters, but they move faster and sometimes change direction randomly.  In Blasterball 2 Holidays they're called Leaves.


When a Breaker is hit by a ball, it splits into 4 pieces that ricochet around the stage until they hit a brick or the paddle.  In Blasterball 3, the pieces simply fall downward.  In Blasterball 2 Holidays they're called Cherries.


When an Exploder gets hit by a ball, it explodes, destroying all bricks and Enemies around it.  In Blasterball 2 Holidays they're called Pumpkins.


If it's not destroyed quickly, a Bricklayer will turn into a brick!  In Blasterball 2 Holidays they're called Clouds.


The Shocker will periodically electrify itself; if the ball hits an electrified Shocker, the ball will get electrocuted and move erratically for a few seconds.


One Beamer on its own can't do much, but when multiple Beamers are onscreen they can form tesla beams between each other that will block the ball.


The Blocker is the same as the Drifter, but it has a shield and can only be destroyed by hitting its unarmored side.


The Vortex has a gravity field around it that makes it harder for the ball to hit it.

Shadow VortexEdit

Shadow Vortexes are only seen in the Dark Levels of Blasterball 3.  When a ball hits a Shadow Vortex, it catches the ball and launches it in a random direction.


Zappers are only seen in Blasterball 3 during the battle with Electro Yo-Yo.  They float around aimlessly like Drifters, but when they're hit they shoot a laser that can give the paddle Inertia.


Freezers are only seen in Blasterball 3 during the battle with Big Freezer.  They're basically the same as Zappers, but when they're hit they shoot ice bolts that can Freeze the paddle.

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